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What You Need to Know Before You Get a Mortgage in Dubai

Getting a mortgage in Dubai? Here are a few questions asked by buyers frequently.   In order to buy a property in Dubai, can I take out a personal loan to fund the deposit?    Using a personal loan to subsidise a down payment or deposit is not permitted under current UAE Central Bank Mortgage

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Looking to get a mortgage? Some important points to keep in mind before you do.

  Taking a mortgage is a huge financial decision. Before taking the leap, here are a few things you may want to consider: 1. Selecting the right product: With more than 20 banks offering 200+ mortgage products selecting the right one maybe a daunting task. Many times people get excited by the headline rate and

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Everything You Need To Know About Buying a Property in Dubai

TOP 5 REASONS TO INVEST IN DUBAI In 2002, the government decided to allow freehold ownership for Non GCC residents, allowing foreigners full ownership of property and land for the first time in designated areas. Anyone who has been involved with Dubai for more than a decade has seen an astonishing amount of change and

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