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Both expats and companies in the UAE need to convert currencies, be it for a house purchase, importing or exporting goods, paying salaries, Etc. We were surprised at how bad the exchange rate is from the banks. We enquired and searched until we found a solution. At that point, was born. We can now save you money on any transaction. For example, if you would transfer 480,000 EURO (per year or in one transaction) you could save about AED 18,000 per year, which could cover health insurance for an entire family. SME’s have the potential to save even more.


Most people only think about today and don’t think about tomorrow. The Government of Dubai’s official website states that ‘the UAE Courts will adhere to Sharia law in any situation where there is no will in place’. Without a Will, we are automatically subject to unclear UAE regulation as to inheritance/succession issues for expats. Hence we launched A Will is a living document, many people sell Wills in the region based upon price, and many people buy from advisors that have minimal qualifications and experience. A Will is like an airbag, you want to make sure it works when you need it. As such, we sourced the best of the few lawyers that handle Wills in the region. Ensuring that the Will you are provided with is fit for purpose.


If you are looking for investments with high fees locking periodsunfelxible then we are not for you. If however you are looking for low cost no locking periods highly flexible solutions than click here. The fees tended to be about 8% or up to 125% of the first year’s payments and most of the products sold are tied up with insurance. No wonder when people want quick access to their hard earned money they are shocked to discover that even after 3-5 years it is worth less than they have paid in. This is not what people deserve. This is why we launched It will give access to the best fund managers, and as always, our focus will remain on transparency

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